The Battle i declare

It goes beyond my physical self.

It feels much more than me.

All the tragedies… are hard to please.

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 It’s not the screaming and crying.

It’s not the wave of emotions.

 It’s the ditch of sensation that loves me.

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Scared of the demonizing thoughts,

staggering from the gunshots,

 I reach out for my weapon…

 my mind.

This in itself is rough.

No matter what I do,

 it will always rain,

clouds will always return.

There will always be pain.

The scars of negligence remain.

 The ability to be present,

and thank God for the now,

 is an argument beyond the physical self.

This becomes a handshake of allowance.

This secret admirer knows everything about me and chooses to trust.

 It’s time I let go of the intrusive thoughts

and work toward powerful techniques.

 Pulling them back into a coherent form is not as easy as I speak.

It will take from dusk to dawn,

but I will have to keep on.

 The love I have for myself is purely impossible yet I carry it.

Just as I do these intrusive thoughts.

So, as the dust settles…

 remember I stand prepared.

A battle that only I declared.

I Am Katrina

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