A Smart, Conscious Look At What The Door Knob REALLY Does In Our World

Picture yourself standing in front of a door.  Give it a color. Is it black? Is it white? Is it medal?  Is it made of wood or aluminum?

Notice that there is no window to look thru.

Now look down.

Do you see the door knob? 

Notice that there is no lock.

Nothing barricading the door. 

You want to get to the other side of the door.

Instead of turning the door knob you knock on the door. 

You knock on the door again but there is no answer. So, you knock again and again. 

You are standing face to face with this door and your frustration rises. 

Nose to door. Breathing heavily. 

Then you take a seat and lean on the door. You put your head in your hands.

Your mind starts to race…

Can anyone hear me?

Does anyone care that I am knocking?

What’s wrong with me?

Why can’t I get thru this door?

Am I too tall? Too short? 

Am I not strong enough?

Am I ugly…can they see me?

Is my hair out of place?

Wait, did I shower this morning?

Maybe they don’t like me…?

My question to you is, how long are you going to be here?

Waiting…wondering…listening to the voices in your head…afraid of what’s on the other side of this door before you finally realize…

It is just a door knob, turn it.

There are too many times that we get stuck by something so simple because of fear.

You saw the door. In your mind you gave the door color. You looked down.

You saw the door handle. Yet you continued to knock and knock waiting for someone else to solve your problem and open the door.

More often than not we are waiting for someone else to help solve our problems when it may be as simple as turning the knob.

It did not matter if someone was on the other side of the door.

The door was not holding you back. It had no lock. No barricade.

The truth is, you chose to let your mind hold you back from opening the door.

Your behavior and thoughts were your own self-sabotage. You were your own lock and barrier. If you are familiar with this routine, it becomes more and more difficult to accept that you are able to open the door.

You stand in your own way.

What if you stepped outside of your own thinking?

What if you stood up to your own thoughts like an attorney with a full-blown case, and insisted that your brain listen to you! Remind your thoughts, “you are not a threat. You are meant to protect me and only be for survival!”

Face it, you may find yourself standing on the other side of this door again, maybe more than once. However, choosing your actions, no matter how small, they are still actions. You must commit to the process of change because your brain is smarter than you and it will make every excuse to sabotage your growth. But remember, there is no lock.

I AM KATRINA 12/17/19

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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