A Personalized Focus from Judgement to Growth, at Any Age. #6

Blog #6

Have you ever passed another person and judged the type of human being they are, their values, and the type of life they live (or don’t live) without even saying “hi”? I admit, I have. At some point, we all have. We tend to judge a person by the cloths they wear, the way they walk, talk, and yes, even smell.

Professionally, we judge another by his or her handshake, the suit or dress they wear, how thick make-up is worn, the education and career they hold (or don’t hold), the vehicle they drive, and/or the people they associate themselves with.


Unconscionably, as humans, we logically tend to avoid situations and surroundings that may (or may not) make us feel out of place and/or uncomfortable. This means that we are making judgments BEFORE ever entering a room.
I ask you, “what stops you from entering”?
Is it fear? Insecurity?

We judge without understanding why.
I ask you, “have you considered that your actions (or lack of) are limiting your potential growth”?
“Are your behavioral patterns burning bridges between people that could ultimately change the world for the better”?


So, I CHALLENEGE YOU (as I challenged myself).
When your inner being wants to judge another, put your verdict on pause. STOP THE AUTOPILOT.

1: Approach every person and situation expecting growth to come of it.
Ask yourself…” why”? Be mindful, observant, and aware.

2: Attempt to understand. Remember the old saying, “put yourself in someone else’s shoes”, well, that is EXACTLY what I am saying.

3: This may be the most difficult part of this challenge for most people and I understand why because this was the hardest part for me. ACCEPTANCE.

Not accepting what you believe as true. Accept all of what you have learned without wanting change.  This is difficult because we want everyone to be perfect. But the truth is, WE ARE ALL FLAWED.
If you accept yourself, why can’t another?

Whether you are in introvert or an extrovert, confidence is a personal trait that we develop. When we think we know everything, it is impossible to learn more. Therefore, it is impossible to grow. Personal growth develops and we become stronger with the lessons we learn.

So, I ask you, do you accept my challenge?
1: Approach
2: Attempt
3: Accept  

I am Katrina.


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